Sponsorship for this facility is an opportunity to have your brand be recognized locally, statewide, and even nationwide. This facility will be helping the homeless, the youth, seniors,  as well as non profit organizations. Your sponsorship is very important to our community and our non profit organization. 



Sponsor a half Pallet

Minimun $150

Your sponsorship will purchase a half of a pallet of non perishable items.

Sponsor a Pallet

Minimum $350

We purchase non perishable items to donate to the community. With a minimum of $350 we can purchase 1 pallet. 

Sponsor a Tracker Trailer

Minimum $10,000

We fill a tracker trailer with non perishable items(toiletries, food, snacks, tissue, drinks etc). With a minimum of $10,000 we are able to feed hundreds in the community.


•Logo on CCURE event banners
•Logo on CCURE marketing materials (business cards, emails, fliers, social media, t-shirts, etc.)
•Recognition as official sponsor at all media appearances
•Access to special events (limited number)
•Logo linked to sponsorship website from CCURE website
•Listing on sponsorship web page with mission statement and promotional video provided by the sponsor.

As a sponsor no gift is to small or too big!


Giftcards for random people in need during the government shutdown
Gift cards  to feed a local youth program
Sponsor a Pallet

Help is Needed in our communities.

We have a mission to STOMP out HUNGER!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bridge the gap of resources within the inner city communities by introducing awareness about societal issues and providing resources and outlets for youth. Our main goal is to empower our youth so they can empower our communities by giving them the tools that will enable them to develop their own futures. By providing effective and prominent resources, we hope to revoluntionize change, morals, family and support systems. Believing that, "it takes a village to raise a child" parents must be willing to bring back unity; for which we lack in society today . A solid sense of togetherness is an understatement. We want to deliver the needs of constructive outlets and resources!


Our Vision

We hope to see a community that truly leaves no 1 person in that community behind. Restoration and Education.

We Need Your Support Today!